Paying Attention to Light Up Moments

Kyoto, cherry blossom buds, awakening, finding your passion
cherry blossom buds in kyoto

My number one goal and number one desire in my heart at this point in my life and awakening journey is to live with more meaning and purpose.  On the inside a lot of my days feel like I’m just going through empty motions, that I haven’t been following my internal compass and haven’t been doing things from the soul, from the universal energy that is in everything including me and there’s been a lot of internal blockage in there that I’m slowly trying to unravel.  And so to get into touch with my inner spirit, I’ve focused on most importantly being more present in each moment, channeling a sense of gratitude and acceptance in everything I do. That’s still the biggest and most important thing I can do. But there’s also one more thing I want to start doing in order to begin to uncover what my purpose here is and be able to take action in that direction to hopefully express that and manifest that in the external world too.   Read More


The Back and Forth of Awakening


The awakening journey can be really scary.  While I’ve been feeling like I’ve been growing a lot lately, feeling more grateful and present more and more often, feeling more connected to others and making decisions from my soul and intuition, I have to admit that a lot of times recently I feel a sharp sense of piercing fear straight into my heart. I feel wobbly inside… I feel unsure…it’s scary to say the least.  Read More

Family / Life

Our first year with Kira


Happy gotcha day to my baby girl, Kira. We rescued her one year ago today when she was just a 5 month old little puppy and boy has it been a journey. I never felt my heart expand so much and feel so much love towards a tiny living being covered in fur. That’s not to say there were a lot of challenges along the way this first year, with lots of moments (for me at least…Andrew not so much) where I thought, “What did I get myself into….” But thankfully, after one full year of life with Kira, we’ve got the hang of things around here with her in our lives and now I can’t even bear to think about life without my little baby dog. Literally, my heart breaks just at the thought…  Read More